Matteo Agosti

Software engineer

10 Reasons Why Blog Platforms Won't Foster Your Writing

Have you always wanted to be a blogger, but got stuck? Here’s why.

  1. Finding the right platform for blogging will waste most of your time.

  2. Once you’ll find the right platform a huge amount of time will be spent in trying to figure out how it works.

  3. You’ll soon discover that categories / tags will be a nightmare to setup as will fit only 90% of posts you write.

  4. The default theme will fit your needs only during the initial tests and you’ll soon have to face the coding nightmare.

  5. You won’t be able to provide a great reading experience on multiple devices unless you buy an expensive theme and you spend a huge amount of time customizing it.

  6. Writing will be set back by cluttered rich text editors packed with tons of useless features.

  7. The listing of your posts will be a huge cause of stress if you can’t keep up with a good writing pace.

  8. If you like to write using multiple languages you’ll be discouraged as this will make your pages a real mess.

  9. It won’t be easy to make others aware of your writings if to promote them you have first to promote your whole blog.

  10. You’ll soon realize that it is time to find a better platform, and the endless loop will just start again.

If you want to spend your time writing, rather than wasting it in finding which is the best platform for doing it, you should check out Feathers manifesto and stay tuned for updates!

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